How do I register to the event?

To register to the event, head up to the Registration page and fill in the form with your personal information. Please note we will add the form to these pages in spring 2017.  

How to get here?

By train –  You can reach the city of Kemijärvi by train from Helsinki. Check out the timetable from the Finnish railway website. We then organise bus transfers to the village of departure for those who don’t have a car from Kemijärvi.

By  plane – You can reach the city of Rovaniemi and then take a direct bus tothe city of Kemijärvi. You can either look at the Finnair or the Norwegian airlines timetables.

By bus –  You can reach Kemijärvi, Pelkosenniemi or Savukoski. Check out the available buses.

The participation price includes a bus transfer from Kemijärvi, via Pelkosenniemi to Savukoski.

What kind of equipment or clothes are required to participate to the Kemijoki Experience?

We recommend to bring warm , wind and waterproof clothes as the weather condition can change rapidly in Lapland. A sleeping bag is also necessary as the first night is in group or individual tents and night time temperatures can be cold and humid. Sun glasses (preferably polarized but not mandatory), sun cream, and a head cover (cap, hat,…)

During the event, as you row, your luggage will follow your itinerary, and you will have the possibility to get your belongings during each break as you need. When you are in boats, we recommended to have a small backpack with dry and warm clothes, a bottle of water and some snacks if you feel the need to eat something.

Do I need previous rowing experience to participate to the event?

If you are participating the event as a rower in a churchboat, no previous experience is required but you need to be fit and know how to swim. If you join us as a paddler in a canoe or a kayak, it is recommended to have a previous experience but no need to be an expert.

Note that the event requires to be in good general physical condition.

What about mosquitoes?

The summer months (June and July) are usually the warmest and the most suitable for mosquitoes to hatch. So if you still wonder if there will be mosquitoes, the answer is yes!

When rowing or paddling on the water the mosquitoes will not be a nuisance. BUT, we highly recommend you to always keep with you, a mosquito repellent  (spray or oil),  and wear long sleeves shirts, hoodies, as well as trousers. Especially when we stop for a break in the middle of the nature and on the riverbanks.

Do I need to take some money with me along the journey?

Yes, take some money (cash only) with you as you will have the opportunity to buy some local products and delicacies along the journey at different locations.