Read these instructions before you sign up:

  • Registration is divided into three parts: Individuals, Small Groups and a sailing team.
    • Individuals: just yourself.
    • Small groups: from 2 to 6 person group.
    • A Sailing Team: from 7 to 14 person group.
  • Participation fees and billing:
    • We prefer ecological way to charge, so we prefer to send an invoice by e-mail. We send paper invoices if requested.
    • Small groups billing: If you want to pay your bill separately, please inform us in the additional information space each email separately (alternatively: mailing address)
    • Sailing Team Billing: Large groups we charge only by one invoice. However, if you pay separately, we charge 5 € billing charge.
    • Please note that, the participation fee includes only the first night’s accommodation in a tent beside the Kemijoki river bank. The second night is at own cost. Accommodation options for the second night you will find from the Accommodations section. We offer transport from Vuostimo to Hotel ?????.
  •  Transportation:
    • 20.7. Transport from Kemijärvi to Savukoski (via Palkosenniemi) departures in ​​the morning approx. 9.00 – 10.00. Note: If you come by Car, you can park the car to Kemijärvi and take part to the group transportation to Savukoski. We announce the parking spot later.
    • 21.7. Transport to the Suomutunturi departures according to schedule to those in need.
    • 22.7. We organize a transport from Kemijärvi to train-station .
    • Cancellation policy:
      • Please read the cancellation policy before you start the registration!
        Cancellation terms and conditions can be found here: YYS15 – Cancellation policy
  • If registration occurs bugs or problems, please contact us:
    • e-mail:
    • phone: 045 – 117 4144


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